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We thought you might like to see your cabinets as photographed in the Wall Street Journal. See attached.

 Steel Kitchens did a great job. We were replacing an existing kitchen with all new built in appliances and cabinets so accurate dimensions were critical. Their shop drawings accurately reflected the dimensions of our new appliances and the field dimensions which we provided. The fabrication was extremely precise and very neat. The integration with the specified hardware – drawer pulls, glides, shelf supports, handles – was great. The finished product is really handsome. I am an architect specializing in restaurant design so I am used to a high level of service from our fabricators. Steel Kitchens service was equal to the best commercial kitchen fabricators we have worked with. Highly recommended.


Time spent between first estimate, shop drawings, fabrication and delivery: approximately 4 months.

Approximate Cost: $14,000


Long Island, New York