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Review for Steel Kitchen Corp


Relationship: Client
Project Date: July 2014
Project Price Range: $10,000 – $49,999

The cabinets we received from Steel Kitchen Corporation were for an apartment building that won a lot of national recognition last year for the overall design. Frankly run of the mill wood cabinets just would not have cut it on this project. There was a nominal difference in price to have boxes made of solid plywood and wrapped in stainless steel. Compared to the standard MDF boxes, these are much more durable and provide a unique look.

The stainless steel counter tops are a must and look immaculate, and over time like a commercial kitchen they get scratches from wear and use that makes them have even more character. Rather then granite that can stain or butcher block that can get grimy, the stainless looks better with age.

This was my first time doing a stainless steel kitchen, and now my next kitchen in my own house will definitely be stainless steel. You can’t get anymore kid proof than stainless steel.

(Project cost listed below of 10-50k is in reference to cabinets for all four apartments, not the entire construction cost of the project)

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