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We love our stainless steel cabinets manufactured by Steel Kitchen Corporation. We searched for a supplier of residentially sized stainless cabinets which included all stainless boxes, not just fronts and doors. They offer all the options you would expect from a manufacturer of wood cabinets.  Our open air cosina (kitchen) design had to meet some fairly tough environmental considerations.  Summer temperatures as high as 120 degrees along with monsoon rains eliminated any thoughts of wood cabinets, or stainless clad wood cabinets.  Ordering is easy, utilizing the online guide along with telephone conferencing and emailing details and layout plans. The cabinets are beautiful once installed, trued, and finished. Self closing door hinges and full access drawer hardware are a big plus. Stainless pulls supplied with cabinets give them an attractive touch.  Installation was straightforward with holes pre drilled for side to side attachment, and rails to hang the rear of the cabinet to the wall. I would recommend these cabinets for any contemporary kitchen design, especially if you are seeking a weather and vermin proof kitchen.
Cabinets $10,000 (self installed)
Granite $1800
Appliances $1700
Tile, trim, sink, misc.  $1,000
Greg & Kathy
Yuma, AZ