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My name is Nick and I live in rural West Texas (Marfa). We needed to replace our kitchen cabinets with something low maintenance, clean, simple, and had a small budget to do so. Not an easy goal! I feel so fortunate to have learned about Steel Kitchen Corp, and to start communication with Carlos there to make our dreams come true. We wanted to stay in the 6K range for spending on this project and we met that goal. The total cost was about $6300, which is really a very fare, excellent price. Throughout the experience– setting up the order, carefully reviewing our design (again and again), via email and over long phone calls answering all sorts of questions and concerns I had, Carlos could not have been more patient and kind. The layout/design drawings were very clear, and our cabinets were made exactly according to our specifications. Carlos is an inspiration to work with– my family really felt taken care by him, that working with the Steel Kitchen Corp was the right way to go.The order arrived on time, and in excellent condition– not a scratch; all in a large, well-built wooden crate. And the delivery was free! As all the elements come pre-assembled it didn’t take long to install, but Carlos was there the whole way through the installation process to help with any questions that came up. When you live in a rural area, far from the area your product is being made, you really have to trust you are working with good, reliable, honest, kind people. You get that feeling of confidence with Carlos and the Steel Kitchen Corp. We couldn’t be happier with our product and decision to work with Steel Kitchen Corp.

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