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To begin with, I’m glad to share my experience with Steel Kitchen and proud
to see my new stainless steel kitchen on their website.
All started when I found out that my wood kitchen cabinets ( installed
about 1 year ago) was deteriorating by termites. I had a similar experience
about 15 years ago up north. I spoke with a friend in New York and she told
me about this company in South Florida that makes all s. steel cabinets, so
I decided to call them and get some pricing.
Well, long short story, I end it up ripping the existing wood cabinets and
installing all new s. steel ones from Steel Kitchen. I glad to say this
was an excellent decision and I couldn’t be happier with my experience with
this company.
Very competitive prices, excellent customer service and very high end
quality product. I definitely recommend to use Steel Kitchen Corp. for any
s. steel kitchen remodeling. They even do beautiful outdoor kitchens, but
unfortunately it will not fit in my balcony.
The only problem I had was, the installers broke one of my floor tiles
while installing the new cabinets. I don’t know how it happened, but I call
them and they send me a partial refund on the installation charges.
Attached you’ll find pictures of my old wood kitchen and all brand new
stainless steel kitchen.